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In these works, I continue to look at the various issues of parenthood; the passage of time, points of conflict and the chaos of the everyday.  In each of these paintings there was a kernel of reality, with some carefully staged fantasy.

Yes these kids are mine (or sometimes their friends) but at ages both younger and older and engaged in all kinds of mischief they really only thought about.


The source for several of these paintings began with the growing list of adult decorations my daughters would request as they grew older.  First it was simply long hair, “long enough to sit on."  Then, pierced ears, make-up, tattoos “ the permanent kind”, this small tug of war with my daughters began to plant a seed of an idea about what ties us together and will later pull us apart.  From this idea came “The Ties that Bind.”



In the diptych pair "Habitat", I consider the issue of pet ownership and the lifespan and responsibilities of various animals. I am most interested in how pet ownership often initiates with children but, rapidly becomes the guilt induced responsibility of a parent. This leaves creatures ( hermit crabs, sea monkeys, golden hamsters, fantails)at the mercy of others long after the children have moved on.


For "Seven Simple Machines...I was considering the push pull of table manners.  I find myself wanting my children to understand the formality of table manners for the sake of appearances, while also wanting the comfort of a relaxed meal without rules or conflict. Ultimately I want them to eat in the presence of others without levers, pulleys or inclined planes.

While subject matter and word play is the point of departure, composition is the glue that holds each work together.  The multiple frame format allows me to suggest time, sequence and movement.  The compositions are designed to push or lead your eye around.  Colors are carefully chosen to separate or unite each set of frames.  The space depicted is not infinite, it is often shallow, and suggestive of the snapshot.  I try to imply a sense of a specific place, including objects that hint at the locale.

  The remaining subjects are drawn from life experiences.  They are composites of places, people, and situations to convey specific ideas.  They are not necessarily portraits or representations of real space and events.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.