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Prior to the taking Editing and Design, I had never heard of process of currating online articles or the advantage of using a curration in order the aid in developing the knowledge of a specific subject. In 2011, I gathered eleven articles of interest revolving around the subject of human trafficking over the span of three months.

Rhetorical Decisions

Currating the Internet was an academic assignment and left me in initial questions of whom I should address as an audience. As with all information uploaded to the Internet, once the information was submitted, I could no longer retrieve my posts. Therefore I had to address my professor as well as the mass public in my posts, creating a very generalized record. As with the BABS articles, I relied on creating situational authority on the subject of human trafficking. The point of a curration though was to direct those interested in a subject to articles that they might find interesting and informative.


Currating the Internet is a tool I would like to continue in the future; it reminds me of the new social media tool Pinterest except that it’s focus is on “pinning” articles rather than visuals. Keeping a curration not only establishes overtime a stronger sense of authority regarding a subject, but it can also affect the online identity.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.