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Caroline Zybala's Professional Writing

and Rhetoric Portfolio

 Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio of work I have put together to showcase my evolution as a rhetorician. As a senior, with a double major in Professional Writing and Rhetoric and Strategic Communications, I am looking to create, edit, and publish content for an organization upon graduation.


As I progress through my last year in Elon, I feel as though I have grown significantly since I began my coursework. I always loved editing peoples' papers and calling out grammar mistakes, and I'm thankful these interests have led me to a major that has truly given me a wide set of skills to use in the real world. If you told me four years ago I would be pursuing an English degree, I would have laughed. But now, I can't imagine what else I would be doing.


Beginning with a solid foundation of the history of rhetoric, audience analysis, and collaboration strategies, my journey through the Professional Writing and Rhetoric world has encompassed more than I anticipated. While grappling with the definition of rhetoric as all PWR majors do, I have come to realize rhetoric is such an all encompasing term. I've worked with visual, multimedia, and traditional rhetoric, and how to structure these to reach the targeted audience.


In regards to my communications classes, I realized this major heavily overlaps with my Professional Writing and Rhetoric degree. I am able to pull from the skills obtained in my English classes in order to create higher level content. I believe this makes my deliverables stronger since I have another skill set to pull from that not every communication major posesses. Also, when writing for communications, I use my knowledge of  audience analysis and the rhetorical situation to make the content tailored and successful in its purpose. 


My concentration in Professional Writing and Rhetoric has provided a skill set that I am proud to flaunt after graduation. I hope my portfolio provides a glimpse into my work and accomplishments during my time at Elon.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.