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Final Explanation

1. I made my headline in a fairly large font, especially compared to the font used for the body text, created a stark contrast by putting the white text on a black background, and used my composite to create what ended up looking like a nameplate in order to make it visually striking.

2. I was striving for a modern-feel with the ad overall, so I wanted to find a serif font for the body text and sans serif font for the headline that would reflect the intended modernity. I found both fonts online by typing into Google “modern serif” and “modern sans serif,” went to the links they suggested, and found fonts that I feel appropriately represent the museum, its collections, and what it values. I chose to wrap the body text around the silhouette of Descant’s piece to emphasize the uniqueness of the piece itself.

3. I didn’t want to compromise the integrity of the images of Descant’s work since he was the artist being featured so I decided to create a composite of two photos of the museum. I used the magic wand to select only the metal flower-type sculpture in front of the building and pasted it into a new blank document. I pasted the image of musicians performing in the museum in the document as well, placing the image of the sculpture on top of it. I then added accented edges from Photoshop’s brush stroke menu, increased the brightness and contrast of the images, posterized them, and manipulated the channel mixer to get a shade of red that complemented the red in the museum’s trademark.

4. I selected the images of the sculpture and musical performance because I thought the sculpture would be an interesting component to add to a composite and the musical performance emphasized the high energy and fun the museum wanted the ad to project.  I selected trademarked artwork with the red framing because its colors complemented the Descant piece I chose and inspired my color scheme for the rest of the ad.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.