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Hello, and thank you for your time and attention evaluating my Senior Assessment Portfolio. Studying Professional Writing and Rhetoric these past years has shed light on both my natural strengths in the field as well as those strengths that I have dedicated my education to developing. Consequently, I believe that my identity as a PWR major is best characterized by the following skills:


  1. Creative Invention 
  2. Working With Evidence
  3. Utilizing Conventions
  4. Living Rhetoric


Within each featured section, I have included samples that I believe capture these strengths as I've had opportunities to display them. I have also produced my résumé on the following page in this section to offer a brief overview of my educational background and professional experience. 



I hope that you find my portfolio in the sincere and thoughtful light that it was

created in.


- Dustin Swope

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.