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On the job experience is the best way to get ready for the real world after graduation. Internships offer a bridge from school to a job. It is a learning experience that allows a student to put disciplinary knowledge -- like theories and practices of rhetoric and professional writing -- into practice. When in an internship, the primary goal is to learn, which is not the case on the job. So, the internship gives the student an opportunity to learn within a workplace context.


So, when I took the internship with WMAR ABC 2 News in Baltimore, I was looking forward to putting what I learned in the classroom to use. The internship with WMAR was geared at provided me with an intensive view of the broadcast journalism process, from gathering information to getting it on the air.


At first, I spent a significant amount of time going over the basics of how stories are chosen, developed, and executed within a newscast. I focused on how to write for a newscast and once I had a solid grasp, I had the opportunity to go out with reporters and photographers in the field to see how they gather the elements they need for their stories. 

I worked a variety of shifts including overnights which leads up to Good Morning Maryland, to dayside which leads to the shows at 5pm and 6pm, and nights which led up to the 11pm show.

The following pages are samples of some of the work I completed while at WMAR. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.