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My name is Emily Bishop and I am senior junior at Elon University in North Carolina. I am an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing & Rhetoric, with a minors in Communications, Marketing, and Creative Writing.


This portfolio includes an assortment of professional documents and visual rhetoric that highlights the knowledge I have acquired over the past few years. I have organized this portfolio in a way that I believe allows for easy navigation between my different disciplines. Within each section you will find a contextual narrative that explains the rhetorical decisions I made for each document. These documents demonstrate my understanding of the strategies and theories and how they relate to my majors.


I believe my versatility allows for a wide array of documents to develop both rhetorically and creatively. With each of these documents, I was able to assess any rhetorical situations and use my knowledge of rhetoric to present and communicate a message to my audience. Through my Professional Writing section, I worked with two clients to develop documents for their organization/ group. Through these projects I learned a tremendous amount about audience, message, purpose, and context. By comprehending their purpose, I was able to write articles and create effective advertising documents for the client.


By completing the Professional Writing section, I realized that my knowledge on rhetoric has increased greatly. In the years to come, I will only further develop my skills to become an effective and dynamic writer.



Emily Bishop

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.