DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.


Sophie Adamson French Student perceptions of French across the curriculum
Jeanne Allen English Battles with Books in the High School Classroom
Jolene Alley Marketing Education Peer Teaching Among High School Students
Mark Byers Social Studies Determining how student learning occurs in "directed-discussion" through an analysis of student note-taking and reflection
Jeffrey Coker Biology Student-designed Experiments in Introductory Biology for Non-majors
Susan Crane Business Education The Effectiveness of State-Mandated Digital Course Curriculum Materials
Ayesha Delpish Mathematics and Statistics Understanding student approaches to statistical problem-solving
Kirsten Doehler Mathematics and Statistics Using Audio to Enhance Statistical Understanding 
Amy Efland Social Studies Do Graphic Organizers Improve Learning? 
Frank Felicelli Social Studies/ History Investigating the affects of single-sex education in world history classes
Christi Fitch Science Analyzing how students use assessment feedback
Pamela Fitzpatrick Writing and Literacy - District Wide Finding voice in teenager's writing
Megan Isaac English "Cudgel thy brains no more about it": Shakespeare and performance-centered learning
Harlen Makemson Communications Instructional Value of Blogging in History Education
Mark Meacham English Writing, technology, and student perception
Crystal Medlin Science Analyzing student’s approach to problem-solving in the chemistry classroom.
Jessie Moore English Student perceptions of service-learning in TESOL
Paula Patch English The sticky nature of transfer: What can we learn from first-year writing students' drafting habits?
Rebecca Pope-Ruark English Building Rhetorical Audience Awareness through Authentic Feedback 
Neil Schledorn Social Studies Experiential Learning in a World History Classroom
Stephen Bloch-Schulman Philosphy Investigating how students develop philosophical evidence-mindedness
Valerie Sellars Science Exploring how feedback from diagnostic assessments is related to student mastery of concepts.
Omri Shimron Music Did You Notice the Phrase Ending? Aural and Verbal Perceptions of Cadence in First-Semester Music Theory Classes 
Kerstin Sorensen Political Science Critical Thinking in Comparative Politics
Safia Swimelar Political Science Teaching International Relations with Film
Shawn Tucker Fine Arts Laughter and cognitive conflict
Anthony Weaver Sport and Event Management Assessing the use of technology in the Leisure and Sport Management curriculum
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.