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Graduating with an English major and communication minor from Elon Univeristy, I have created this portfolio to showcase what I have completed throughout my college career, various internships and full-time positions, in order to define myself as a professional writer and rhetorician. Although not all the documents that I have created are included in this portfolio, the documents that I have are those that I believe showcase the skills and abilities that I have improved upon and gained during my college and professional career.


The Writing for Clients section is included to showcase my collaborative skills, how I work with a client, and the products that I can produce in a team setting for a specific client. I took many classes at Elon University that allow me to not only learn about different forms of writing, but also that put me in an engaged setting in which I applied what I learned to real life situations. This section showcases my abilities of indepth research, as well as my ability to create a product that satisfies the needs of my client. It also shows that as a professional writer I am able to work well in a group setting, and can collaborate well with other people in my field to create a successful product. However, it also shows my ability to work independently and to strive on my own. My ability to appeal to a target audience, and conduct research to determine that audience is also proven through my understanding of rhetorical methods used thorughout each project. Understanding of visual rhetoric and how to apply the different methods to visual displays is also displayed in this section. Using PowerPoint to create rhetorically visual displays that will attract an audience and applying the methods that I have learned in a class setting to a real life situation, prove that I am a capable professional writer with a strong understanding of the rhetorical methods.


The New Yorker Political Research section showcases my ability at a much earlier stage in my education. Only after my freshman year as an undergraduate I was already in a situation which required me to make rhetorical decisions when creating documents for my supervisor, as well as creating documents that contained authority and were from reliable. I needed to make sure the information I was gathering was reliable and factual in order for it to be useful to my employer. This section showcases my ability to identify reliable sources, as well as making rhetorical decision that could help my supervisors more easily write their articles.


The Marketing and Advertisments section displays a more indepth understanding of creating a product for a client, as well as my ability to create visual rhetoric. This section showcased the proposal that my group created for our client, the marketing and advertisment material that we created and recommendation of how to implement the material most effectivly. The proposal is filled with rhetorical methods used to appeal and persuade the client to use the products that we created. It is a perfect showcase of my understanding of the rhetorical methods, choosing methods that were best for the target audience, and applying them to a specific audience. The rack card and the Facebook advertisement also display my ability to create visual displays that employ rhetorical methods to accomplish the goal of the client. Although I collaborated with my group on the rack cards, the Facebook advertisement was something that I took the intiative to create on my own. This will display my understanding of visual rhetoric and ability to appeal to an audience.


The Copywriter and editorial section includes my work throughout my post graduate career. Not only have I worked created captions for social media, but I have written an article for a content driven website, as well as worked as a copywriting for a women's apparel company. Each of the included documents showcase my ability to emulate the voice and language used to brand a specific company. Starting at The Tai Life - meant to speak to the young, aspiring woman - and moving to Lafayette 148 New York, which dresses the accomplished woman, these two companies speak to their audience in completely different ways. Working for both has taught me the value of understanding voice, as well as reinforced my education on the rhetorical strategies on how to reach a target audience.


The documents in this portfolio identify me as a professional writer with a strong understanding of the rhetorical methods for both textual documents and visual displays. It portrays me as someone who understands how to appeal to an audience while also accomplishing the goals of the client with little, or specific, guidelines. This portfolio also displays my abilities to work in a collaborative setting and in a professional setting. Not only have I learned the importance of working in a collaborative group, but I have also learned how to lead a group in order to accomplish the task at hand. However, the work setting taught me how to work on my own to create professional documents that were useful and included relevent and reliable information.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.