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Welcome to Jenny Schnaak's Professional Writing and Rhetoric Portfolio


Dear Reviewer,


I have designed this portfolio to represent the greatest accomplishments of my college writing career as well as the process by which my written communication skills improved over the past four years.


The products I have included highlight my strengths but do not neglect to emphasize the intensive, interactive process of producing written documents; from the initial drafts, to receiving instructor feedback, followed by multiple stages of edits and revisions culminating in a well-developed final product, the writing process is collaborative and progressive by nature.                                             I'm on the right. Photo by Julia Murphy.


In order to clearly reflect my professional writing identity I have organized this portfolio into three primary categories: Advocacy Writing, Leadership and Project Management, and Creative Design and Visual Rhetoric. 


Each category is composed of several of my most challenging projects that resulted in high quality, well-developed final products. Each project is accompanied by a contextual narrative to be read before viewing the project. The contextual narratives will help you understand why I included the piece in the portfolio, the rhetorical decisions I made during the process, and the context in which it was composed. 


Looking toward the future, I would like to gain a grant-writing position in the non-profit sector, specifically, with an organization geared toward researching and raising awareness for renewable energy and local food systems.


Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact me.


All  my best,

Jenny Schnaak                   






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.