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Welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Jessica Trinidad and I am currently a graduating Professional Writing & Rhetoric major at Elon University in North Carolina. Throughout this website, you will find multiple projects and pieces I have worked on in the last few years as a Professional Writing & Rhetoric major. My portfolio is clearly divided into three sections: "The Graphic Designer," "The Milennial Writer," and "The Inquirer." Each of these themes reflects a distinct professional writing and rhetorical context in which different rhetorical decisions were made and strategies used in order to create an effective document for each rhetorical context. 


Throughout my studies as a Professional Writing & Rhetoric major, I have had the privledge of taking coursework in not only rhetoric, and professional and technical writing, but visual design, as well. Visual design and visual rhetoric has become a topic that I have taken a keen interest in, and it is my hope that my interest in this subject is reflect in the body of work I have produced in my time as a PWR major. 


My portfolio showcases an abundance of materials I have produced in my last three and a half years at Elon, reflecting my knowledge of rhetoric and my ability to understand how to utilize it. I have also gained valuable experience working with multiple mediums of delivery each rhetorical situation I have been catering to.In addition to showcasing work from my time spent on multiple projects at Elon, my portfolio also discusses materials I have produced in my time spent at multiple internships and jobs, including those done with the Writing Center, Indigo Rein Jeans, and CollegeFashionista. 

In producing the deliverables for each of these respective projects, I have learned to navigate multiple graphic illustration softwares, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, in addition to blogging and site-hosting platforms, such as Wordpress.com, that I have also become extremely familiar with.


The experiences I have had at both Elon and the multiple internships I have held have allowed me to gain valuable practice in working in not only a professional environment, but with rhetorical contexts and emplying rhetorical strategies, as well. Refining my abilities in professional writing and digital design has allowed me to experiment with different rhetorical contexts and audiences, where I have gained valuable experience in assessing rhetorical situation in order to create the best document for a specified context. This insightful knowledge has allowed me to both successfully pursue jobs and internships in a field that requires these skills and explore a form of writing that I am incredibly passionate about.


Thank you for taking the time to browse my portfolio - Enjoy!




Jessica Trinidad



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