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Dear Reviewer,


Welcome to my senior portfolio! As a Professional Writing and Rhetoric student at Elon University, I have had the opportunity to develop a personal identity as a writer in many different contexts. Through my writing, I advocate for social change, present research in interesting ways, and inform and educate readers.


As an advocate, a researcher, and an educator, I have strengthened my ability to make important and intentional rhetorical decisions in the areas of audience, purpose, logos, ethos, pathos, context, situation, visual design, inquiry, voice, and style. This portfolio represents the breadth and depth of my knowledge and experience as a professional writer.


I use writing to raise awareness, raise funds, incite action, and create social change. Making effective rhetorical decisions about ethos, pathos, logos, context, and audience allows me to improve my advocacy for social issues. I have advocated for social change by writing grants and fundraising for causes such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and the eradication of global poverty.


Research requires taking detailed notes, planning ahead, paying attention, and compiling information in a way that is intriguing and well organized. As a researcher, I use writing to share with others what I have learned, seen, and done. Some of the research I have completed includes traveling along Highway 64 in North Carolina to profile people and towns, and interviewing English students and professors for The Back Cover, Elon’s English Department newsletter.


As an educator, I use writing to inform an audience for a specific purpose. Writing to inform means making rhetorical choices to write a document that is interesting, clear, and easy to understand. I have created informative materials to help students understand the definition of rhetoric and to prepare students to be grant writing interns.


The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase several different projects I have completed that represent my professional writing identity as an advocate, a researcher, and an educator.


Thank you for reviewing my portfolio.




Katherine C. Stewart

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.