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Kevin Thompson's Portfolio

Dr. Staggers,


Welcome to my Senior Portfolio. The goal of this collection is to show that I have met the requirements and expectations of the Professional Writing and Rhetoric department and am ready to represent both the department and Elon University as a whole. It's my intention this portfolio show my experiences, skills, and identity as a writer that I've developed during my four years at Elon through my understanding of rhetorical theory and analysis and my application of that understanding to business and multimedia projects.

To give you a cursory idea of who I am, I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. My father's profession as an English teacher introduced me to the joys of writing, and a summer job in high school led me to a love for the restaurant business and my minor in Business Administration. After graduation I'll be heading to Nantucket for six months to manage a restaurant, and then begin training to be general manager for a network of restaurants and bars located in D.C. 

You will find that this portfolio is divided into three sections, each illustrating an aspect of who I am as a writer: Rhetorical Theory and Analysis, Business Writing and Theory Application, and Rhetorically Based Multimedia. The documents contained in each section should evidence who I am as a writer and the accompanying narratives show their connection to my study of Professional Writing and Rhetoric. Some documents, particularly the multimedia ones, have additional content that serves to show my thought process or reasoning behind certain decisions in greater detail. You will note that a number of the documents are linked as PDFs. This was due to either the document's length or formatting making it impractical to display in full.

It is my hope that upon finishing reading my portfolio you will have seen my interest in rhetorical theory through my discussion of rhetoric's role in creating knowledge, ability to combine business and rhetoric in my Wound Center marketing plan, and my use of rhetorically based design to create a mobile website. My work should tell a story of who I am as a writer and how it reflects the Professional Writing and Rhetoric department's goals for my education.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin Thompson

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.