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I participated in a semester long client project in the Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID) studio. The class focused on a client relationship that allowed communication and active group participation. My group and I worked with the American Studies Minor and the American Studies Introduction class to spread awareness and gain interest for the programs. This fostered an interdisciplinary collaboration working with departments and faculty outside my major. The audience was also composed of interdisciplinary students, which taught me how to effectively act within a complex rhetorical situation. We developed a three part marketing plan that included deliverables for the client. We worked as a collective group for the majority of the project, but I had a direct hand in creating posters for the student center digital board and the rack card. 


Rhetorical Decisions 


This was a project that required communication and the exchange of feedback with our client. Once meeting the professor and discussing his expectations, we worked on a logo, two posters, and the rack card, which is a quarter sheet of information. We sought out feedback from both the client and the professor each step of the way, and I think the most important part of the project was responding and implementing the suggestions. It was a perfect real world example because we had to listen to the client’s suggestions. 


We made many rhetorical decisions about the images that we wanted to include on the posters. The first step in picking images was to determine the purpose of the documents. We decided that the main goal was to spread awareness of the introductory class and generate interest so students would register for it. With that in mind, we chose interesting images that the students would be able to identify and understand. For example, we choose people like Eminem and Clint Eastwood. We also made a poster with a whimsical, carnival tone that played on the sentimental nature of college students. 




This project gave me hands-on experience with a client that provided real feedback and suggestions.  I was able to learn how to take feedback in a professional manner and how to communicate with a large group. We made deliberate decisions on images and information that we wanted to include that directly related to our purpose. I grew in my understanding of marketing and collaboration. In the end, I was proud of the work we did. Also, the professor was very pleased with the deliverables and commented that he enjoyed working with us.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.