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Welcome to my portfolio!



Dear Reader,


My name is Miranda Romano and I am currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Professional Writing & Rhetoric and Creative Writing, along with a Spanish minor.


Over the course of the past four years, I have been hard at work learning how to become a better communicator through rhetorical theory and strategy. The documents in this portfolio are a mix of mediums and styles that I think represent the work that I have been doing. While this portfolio includes mostly academic work, it also branches out to the writing that I do outside the classroom.


I have grouped the documents according to the audience that I was considering during the creation process because, for me, audience is the most important aspect of the rhetorical situation. It decides the style, delivery, and the information presented in each document.


Through these documents, I hope to present my research and design skills as well as my style and personality as a writer. These documents show the growth that I have experienced over the years as I progress in my education and apply improved skills to my work.


Thank you for your time!

Miranda Romano

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.