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I was initially attracted to Professional Writing and Rhetoric by a periphery interest in copy-editing. Grammar and style were always appealing to me, and even before my formal training I recognized that I was a competent writer. Immediately upon taking classes in PWR I was tasked with copy-editing for client projects. As a consultant in Elon's Center for Writing Excellence I now work more closely with clients on higher-order concerns of good writing such as the development of theses and organization. Most often I rely on my own body of knowledge, which is strong because I was taught to apply rhetoric to all aspects of writing. 


I believe the timeline of my client work best demonstrates that my Professional Writing and Rhetoric potential exists on a continuum and I am likely to continue to grow as a professional. I have supplied work spanning from my earliest project ("LIFESPAN Circle Schools Parent Handbook") to my latest ("First In Families Press Release") and my narratives chronicle my evolution. Not only does this section exhibit my competence, but it also suggests that I am on an uphill path as a professional writer. Already this client work shows my promise as a copyeditor, writer, collaborator, and text designer - a promising start to a PWR career. This is also a fulfillment of the programmatic goal which states that students will get hands-on experience in order to gain exposure in a variety of contexts.


This section makes use of the PWR program's application within the corporate sphere. I have selected pieces which demonstrate the relationship between theory - as exemplified in the "Collaboration in the Workplace Case Memo" created in class - and practice. My classwork supplies me with theoretical knowledge of PWR, which in turn I can implement for actual client projects. I have studied communicative techniques ranging from hard skills in data display and multimedia (seen in the "Creative and Visual Rhetoric" section) to soft skills in collaboration and heuristics. "The Back Cover" is a poignant example of my collaborative abilities, with a slight journalistic flair.


Included also is a memo created for a classroom simulation of workplace happenings. The memo serves the purpose of a common professional deliverable and proof of my critical insight into the logistical problem posed by the assignment. This section best represents my knowledge of basic genres as well as project management strategies.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.