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I will be graduating from Elon University in May 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in English. My concentration is Professional Writing and Rhetoric and I also have a minor in Political Science. This major has equipped me with a diverse set of skills which are widely applicable to most careers. I consider PWR to be a stepping stone to my next career interests.


Specifically, it is my intention to pursue a career as a grant writer. As most jobs in these fields require strong document development, data analysis, and writing abilities, I feel confident that my coursework has prepared me well for the workforce. I have learned the conventions for a wide range of document genres as well as the application of ethos, pathos, and logos (among many other rhetorical devices) and so I have the skills necessary to thrive in a workplace environment.


My portfolio is a reflection of the flexibility of a PWR major. While the bulk of my pieces were initially written for academic purposes, I have been able to tailor my work to my personal interests. For example, I have written a multitude of academic essays on social justice and feminist issues, which are included under in the section "Topics in Social Justice." By no accident, these papers relate directly to my professional interests, and so in the process of completing my coursework I have started to initiate myself into the realm of human services studies.


I have also included samples of my writing and project development for clients and workplace settings, entitled "Client and Workplace Writing." These embody three main facets of my PWR education: visual design, editing, and knowledge of common genres. This section combines pieces for actual clients with classroom simulations of workplace strategizing and project management, demonstrating my thorough preparation for the professional circuit.


Because the study of modern rhetoric is concerned with visual rhetoric and multimedia, my portfolio also features a section dedicated to "Creative and Visual Rhetoric." Here readers can find my creative writing and informative design experience. I am particularly pleased with my study abroad blog, which best highlights my authentic narrative voice as well as my diversity as a writer especially when juxtaposed by academic writing in the same portfolio. My eye for visual design and composition lends to the multifaceted nature of my skill set and knowledge of contemporay conventions.


It is my hope that readers will find my portfolio a cohesive yet dynamic representation of my undergraduate work. Thank you for visiting.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.