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Morgan Ferretti's Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Senior Portfolio

Dear Dr. Julie Staggers,



Have you ever traveled to a foreign country or experienced an event and been inspired to analyze it through informative writing? The picture above was taken in Venice, Italy and is discussed in a section of my undergraduate research that explores cultural differences through writing as a tool for inquiry. 




My name is Morgan Ferretti and I am a senior at Elon University in North Carolina. I am a Professional Writing and Rhetoric major with minors in Statistics and Political Science and will be finishing my course requirements January 2012. With my background in writing and statistics, I have obtained a full-time position with a marketing research company called The Link Group, where I am able to apply both my qualitative and quantitative strengths. I am now living in Durham, NC and started my job on February 22. So far I have been able to apply several of the rhetorical skills discussed in this portfolio to help me succeed in my job. 




This portfolio aims to highlight some of my most professional and most comprehensive


projects that I have completed over the past four years. It is intended to reflect my talents as an informative writer as well as showcase my interest in marketing, which can be seen in many documents in the portfolio.



In order to illustrate my identity as a writer I divided my portfolio pieces into three different categories: Practical Engagement in Marketing, Critical Inquiry through Writing, and Project Management through Publishing. Accompanying these groups are contextual narratives for each of the projects. These narratives are intended to show the context of my projects as well as highlight my rhetorical processes and corresponding decisions.




I appreciate you taking the time to get a better understanding of my portfolio as well as the kind of writer and marketing analyst that I hope to become. 




Thank you for your consideration,


Morgan Ferretti





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.