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Conservators' Center Kira and Author Childerns Book

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3-Title Page

4-Hi, and welcome to the Conservator’s Center! My name is Arthur Tiger. I’m so excited to have you here. The Center is a place for animals like me to find new and happy homes. We all have special stories to tell. I hope you enjoy mine!

5-I came to the Center when I was just a cub, after some not-so-nice people didn’t take good care of me.

6-When I got to the Center, the first thing I noticed was all of the different animals. The Center has servals, binturongs, wolves, lions, and more! I was so happy to meet Mindy, my new keeper. I knew she would love me and take care of me. The staff at the Center was so loving. I felt at home right away.

--Did you know? The Center is also home to lemurs, singing dogs, and many more.

7-I am very happy at the Center. I love to run, jump, and play. I have several

adopters who visit me and bring me treats and toys. I also love to eat and sleep. Sometimes, I even sleep on the roof of my den box!

--Did you know? You can become a lifetime adopter for any animal(s) at the Center.

8-One day, after a long, peaceful nap, I saw a pretty lion. Her name was Kira, and she had moved in next to me. I had never seen her before, but I thought she was the most beautiful lion I had ever seen. She had big gold eyes and soft, tan fur.

9-She was sunbathing, and looked so content on her own. I could tell that she really liked her alone time. Still, I really wanted to be her friend. It is very important to have friends. I wondered if she would like me.

--Did you know? There are two types of social lions in the wild. The first group has resident lions, which live together in prides. There are also nomad lions, which like to roam more on their own.

10-It took me a few days to get up the courage to talk to her, because I didn’t know if she would want to talk to a tiger like me. I have always been outgoing, though! Finally, I decided to ask her to play with me, even though we were in different enclosures.

11-I looked for just the right toy to use. I found a red ball in my water trough. It was my favorite toy because I loved to roll it and make it bounce! I hoped she would like it as much as I did. I didn’t really know if lions liked red balls. I pushed the ball towards her, slowly. I didn’t want to scare her!

12-Kira Lion saw the ball, but she only sniffed it. She looked at me, and then walked away. I was discouraged, but I knew I had to try again. I really wanted to be her friend. The next day, I saw her grooming herself by licking her coat. This was my chance! This time, I tried to say hello by chuffling. I have been told that I have a very handsome chuffle!

--Did you know? Chuffling is the sound tigers make when they want to say hello. Lions, on the other hand, make “oof” noises. Both can roar, but neither can purr.

13-This time, Kira walked over to me. I think she was curious about the sound I was making. I tried to say something to her, but I couldn’t think of anything! Kira smiled at me, but then she walked over to a shady area and fell asleep. Nothing seemed to be working.

14—I was worried that Kira didn’t want to be my friend. Maybe lions and tigers are too different to be friends. We are different colors and make different noises. Kira seemed so happy being by herself all the time, even though all of my other lion friends seemed to prefer being in groups they called prides. Maybe she just wasn’t as social as I was.

15—To my surprise, I was wrong. One day, when I was enjoying splashing in the mud and getting my white coat brown and muddy, Kira talked to me! “Hi Arthur,” Kira Lion said. “I’m sorry we haven’t talked much.” I was so happy. I felt like I was floating on a cloud.

16—“That’s okay, Kira!” I said. Kira told me that she was just shy. She liked to get to know other animals by watching them first. “I feel like I know you pretty well now,” she said. “You seem to love life so much and have so much energy! I’m quieter, but I do like to watch things just like you do.”

--Did you know? If prey is available, lions eat every 3 to 4 days, but can go without food for more than a week. They also have very strong senses, and are masters at watching and waiting until the time is right to pounce!

17—“I do love life!” I told her. “I hope you weren’t afraid to talk to me.” I walked a little bit closer to her. We were both smiling. Kira has a pretty smile. “I wasn’t afraid,” Kira said. “I just noticed that we looked different and you chuffle when I oof. Plus, you like to swim in your pool, and I don’t like water. I just thought that maybe you wouldn’t like me!”

18—“I think our differences are what make us special, Kira, just like Mindy always tells us. After all, I don’t look like other tigers, either. My coat is white, but most tigers have orange and black stripes, like that big, scary Tonka Tiger next door! I also have blue eyes, while other tigers and lions like you have golden eyes.”

--Did you know? Though there are only a few hundred white tigers in the world. However, the only difference between them and other tigers is their color.

19—Kira looked a lot like other lions, but she was still very unique. Her enthusiasm for her lifetime adopters and “oofs” that she makes for them is specific to her.  “I think we should be friends,” I told her. “If we were both the same, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about! I want to hear all about what makes you, you!”

20—“I feel the same way,” Kira said. “And now, I understand! Even though we are both very different, we can still be friends.” “Right!” I said. I was so happy that I was making another friend at the Center.

--Did you know? Lions in the wild usually live in open, grassy plains in Africa, while tigers tend to live in forested areas, mostly in Asia. Humans are destroying both of these areas. This is why CCI is so important.

21—I could see my red ball in the corner. I could tell that it wanted to be played with, so I walked over to it, and nudged it with my snout. I rolled it over to Kira. She sniffed it, like she did before. This time, she walked over to her pile of toys and picked one up. She brought it over to me.

22—“This is my favorite toy,” said Kira. “This ball is my favorite toy!” I said. It was a real exchange of friendship. We both smiled at each other.

23—Kira Lion and I talked and played every single day after that, through our enclosures. We would stalk the tour groups that visited us, and shared treats like yummy branches through the fence. Soon, we became best friends. I couldn’t imagine my life without Kira Lion now.

24—Mindy noticed how well we got along. She was so happy! Soon enough, Mindy moved us in together in a nice, big enclosure with lots of trees, space to run, and two den boxes. We love being together, even though big scary Tonka Tiger next door still gives me the creeps sometimes! That is why the Center is so important. It allows friends to never be apart.

25—Though we love being together, it is important for Kira to have her alone time, and for me to have my time to be loud and hyper. Kira has learned to play more with me, and I have learned not to splash Kira with water from my trough. We learn about each other every day, and every day we learn to like each other even more.

26—The Center gives homes to all different kinds of animals. No matter where they were before, the Center loves and protects them. Like Kira and me, all the animals at the Center are happy, and have made great friends!

27—I know how lucky I am to be at the Center. I will never take what I have for granted.

28—I hope you enjoyed my story! There are so many more books, about all the different animals at the Center. Follow along with me as I introduce you to all of them. If you liked this book, you will surely like the rest. I hope you keep reading. I’m so glad we’ve become friends, too!


30—List of terms used

(IN ORDER): Arthur Tiger, Center, Servals, Adopters, Kira, Resident, Nomad, Trough, Chuffle, Purr, Prides, Tonka Tiger, Africa, Stalk, Mindy

31—Word search







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