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PWS Marketing Narrative


Contextual Framework


In the fall of 2011 I worked on a client project for the Elon representative of the Professional Writing Studies (PWS) Minor. It was a group client project that pushed us to create marketing tools for programs at Elon University whose students could benefit from also having a minor in PWS. After we created a list of applicable programs we worked as a team to create a mock-flyer for the Law Program. Once that was finalized I personally created a Tip Sheet that gave the guidelines for all future programs. This way other students or staff could create similar flyers for the different groups on campus. 


Rhetorical Decisions


 For the PWS marketing project we focused most of our efforts on persuasive writing and congruent design. We wanted the design to be easily recognizable and the writing to relay all of the important facts, while giving sufficient evidence to the audience to add on a PWS minor. We did this by splitting the writing into meaningful sections so that it could be easily followed and then created questions as headings in order to guide the readers through the document. Much of the text was bulleted to allow for the audience to skim over it easily and be persuaded to join the minor. 


We wanted the flyer to also use ethos in order to allow for the audience to see that the program was credible. We accomplished this by using the Elon University coloring and fonts to create a correlation between the university and the program. We also emailed several students who had been a part of the minor in the past and used quotes from them about how the minor had helped them succeed professionally or in higher education. Since these students had competed the minor and seen how PWS had application in the real world, it was important for us to include their feedback on the minor; we wanted other students to see that it worked well for specific graduates and therefore could work well for them too. 


Final Thoughts


This was one of the most cooperative group projects I worked on  because every member truly stepped up, took responsibility for a portion of the project and successfully executed it. The project proved to be very successful considering the framework that we laid for future marketing tools. These posters are now actually being used to market the PWS minor to Elon students, and in the future we hope that the number of students involved in the program will increase. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.