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RSS Feed Presentation and Video for Corning Cable Systems Narrative


Contextual Framework

During the summer of 2011 I did an internship for the telecommunications company Corning Cable Systems. I interned within the Marketing Communications department and was asked to do a number of things for both clients and employees. One of my projects directed at the employees investigated the newly popular “RSS feeds.” After doing some research I created a short video for the company in order for the employees to understand how the technology could be beneficial to their work. The video created enough discussion around the company that some of the executive leaders asked me to create a “Lunch and Learn” for any of the employees that wanted to learn more. I created the PowerPoint and handout for the presentation in order to better communicate how RSS feeds could be used to benefit the company. 

Rhetorical Decisions

When I first found out that I would be teaching Executive Vice Presidents of the company I was very nervous and immediately started planning. I needed everything on my slides and handout to be as perfect as possible. Therefore, I relied on several rhetorical techniques to ensure that I communicated effectively. I focused most of my efforts on the design aspects of the PowerPoint and handout. I initially needed people to take me seriously, but I also needed everything to be clear with no ambiguousness. In that sense I focused on both ethos and logos. I wanted the Executive Members of the company to take me seriously, so that they could actually pay attention to my presentation and get something out of it. 

Since, I focused most of my efforts on the visual aspects of the presentation I tried to stay far away from bulleted lists on slides and instead tried to connect visual aids to help the audience understand and remember. For example, when I talk about “Readers” I had a picture of a house to show that Readers act like a house to store any RSS feeds that you select to follow. I focused on keeping it simple so that I could effectively connect to the part of RSS feeds that I was trying to teach at each moment. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, the project was one of the most challenging and nerve racking experiences because for the first time in my life I wasn’t simply creating a project for a class in order to get a grade. In this situation I was actually the teacher, so I had to make sure that I knew all of the information backwards and forwards and that I could convey the important messages effectively. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.