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Tutoring Center Marketing Project Narrative


Contextual Framework


In the spring of my Junior year in college I was a part of a class that studied the founding principles of rhetorical theory. During the semester we applied those theories to a project for an organization, and we were given the opportunity to make all of the design decisions. I selected the Elon University Tutoring Center because I had worked there for two years and felt very familiar with the logistics of the Center. I designed a marketing plan that aimed to market the Tutoring Center during exams to students who might have been unfamiliar with the Center, but needed help during exams. I constructed four different posters and hung them up all over campus. My goal was to get students’ attention amongst the overload of posters and information posted throughout our campus.


Rhetorical Decisions


Ultimately, I wanted students to walk by the posters and remember them. Therefore, I relied on Aristotle’s pathos when selecting my design. I wanted students have a connection to the silly pictures in order to remind them what it feels like to need help and that it is not a bad thing.


I decided to use images of confused babies to create a feeling of understanding and happiness that would then make students more likely to understand that the Tutoring Center wasn’t a bad place and that it had value. of visiting the Tutoring Center. Most posters on campus have a little picture and lots of information. However, my posters had a huge picture of a baby looking very confused in order to grab students’ attentions and connect to their emotions of vulnerability in a humorous way.


Final Thoughts


The project proved to be effective for the Tutoring Center and we saw the numbers of students using the Center increase during exam time and the following semester. The babies became recognizable and even students in my class mentioned that they had made the correlation between the images I selected and the Center. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.