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Welcome to my portfolio!


As a senior English major with a double concentration in Professional Writing and Rhetoric and Creative Writing and a minor in Business Administration, I have gained much experience in my years at Elon University. These experiences range from client projects to jobs to internships. Using what I've learned, my main goal is to combine editing and writing, as well as other creative talents, into a cohesive skill set that will help me pursue a career in publishing or possibly marketing.


My portfolio is a compilation of all the work that I feel displays my writing and editing abilities as well as my artistic ability. The combination of both allows me a broader skillset  that is still applicable in the publishing industry. These include skills like revision, collaboration, and visual design. I am now able to not only revise written content, but also look at the composition of images and videos with a critical eye. By studying rhetoric alongside visual design, I believe I am better able to explore the composition of design and to use design principles like contrast, repetition, alignment, and proxmity more effectively.


In the portfolio, I plan to show my passion for various forms creativity and the effective use of language. This ambition has taken me to many jobs and projects, which gave me more experience and a greater understanding of the craft. Editing jobs, shown in the section titled "Editing Experience," taught me what it was like to be a part of a team or gave me the chance to lead a team as a section editor. These jobs were in two different genres, so I quickly learned how to change my focus in order to suit an audience.


An editor is more than one who proofreads; editing should be a collaborative process that, yes, checks for clarity and grammar, but also takes part in the revision process and helps develop better writers. There are also visual editors, and I explored this by editing designs on the computer. This aspect can be seen in the section titled "Visual Design". Editors also must see the whole picture and serve the audience. Editors can be leaders and ensure the collaboration of a team, shown in the section titled "Client Work". They also can reorganize or modify content, which may include a lot of writing as well.


One must know how to write well in order to edit well. You can know all of the grammar rules in the book, but if you can’t write well, you won’t be able to edit the content of a document. As in editing, there are different genres of writing, and I have been fortunate enough to be published in these different forms. To showcase this, I have created a section titled "Published Work".


My two concentrations as well as my work experience have worked together to enhance my overall writing ability and understanding of rhetoric, preparing me for the professional world.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.