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My name is Rebecca Porter and I recently gradtuated Elon University. I am a double major in professional writing and rhetoric and creative writing. I also minored in theater arts and literature. I am excited to continue to pave my path as a lover of the writing process, brainstorming through revising and editing. 


The samples that are provided in my portfolio showcase the multitude of skills that I have worked on throughout each semester, but that I continue to grasp throughout countless revisions in my writing career. The pieces that I have selected directly establish many of the aspects of my majors and how I have applied the knowledge the particular courses have taught me.


The tabs that were selected (Client Projects, Blog Writing, Creatively Inform) reflect my interest as a writer and a lover of rhetoric, innovative thinking and speaking, creativity, and fashion. While a majority of my passion is for fashion and the assembling of clothes to create the most “perfect” outfit, I am more in love with the words that help bring an outfit to life. I enjoy stringing together words to help create an atmosphere of confidence where girls can open up their closets and their minds to new ideas and ensembles with my words in their heads. I enjoy being creative with my clothes but also with my words.


I have sparked an interest in creative thinking, which ultimately manifest itself into all the projects that I have worked on. I have learned many rhetorical devices that I continue to gain knowledge of and incorporate into each of my pieces to make stronger deriving from "thinking outside the box". I have learned that although creativity has no limits, there are boundaries that are set into place when creatively writing to guide the reader to the purpose of the piece.


I have learned how the purpose of rhetoric is vital in all aspects of my pro

jects, particularly when working with clients. The ideas and messages must directly reflect back to the client’s values and beliefs but also stem from the best work as a rhetorician. Practicing the purpose of each word that is put onto a page is co

nstantly observed in my academic setting, which also showcases itself in my “Blog Writing” section. Through the revision process, I am able to understand and help guide the focus of each project, creating clear messages for each platform.


I hope that you not only understand the direction of my writing and the purpose of each piece, but that you also will discover what rhetoric is, and how diverse it may be. I hope that you enjoy my portfolio and become inspired by fashion, the abilit

y to be creative, and the power of collaborating with others.




Rebecca Porter 









DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.