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About Me 

My name is Rebecca Karpinos. I am a first year student at Elon University. I grew up in the small town of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. It is located just minutes outside of New York City! I live with my mom, my dad, my two brothers, and my dog Brody. Brody is a Maltipoo. I love to horse back ride and spend time with my friends. 


I am so happy with my choice to attend Elon University. I have made great friends and great memories in just three short months! Elon is beautiful and has given me a better sense of what I want for my future. I plan on majoring in Business Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. After I graduate I would like to work in Human Resources. 



This is my dog Brody. 

These are my parents Deb & Rob. 


This is me and my brother Brett. 


These are my two best friends Catie and Liz. 

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