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Dear Reviewer,


My name is Will Stiefel and I am a recent graduate of Elon University and current student of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I majored in Professional Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Italian Studies. Originally from Haddonfield, New Jersey I have spent the last four years attending school in Elon, NC. Currently, I work within the service industry while furthering my education in Copywriting.


Here, you can find selection of documents that I believe best reflect myself as a student and hopeful professional. Throughout my years at Elon, I have worked both in and out of the classroom. My experiences with teachers, clients, and internships have presented me with a wide range of work that I have picked and chosen from to represent myself in this portfolio. I have divided this work into three categories: Research and Synthesize, Advocate, and Promote. These three sections include context and rhetorical reflection for each document included in the portfolio.


My sections clearly identify my ability to influence audience through my writing. Depending on the desired result, I am able to gather information to convey a certain idea to readers.  I can inspire change through my work in advocation, analyzing existing conditions and constructing new, creative alternatives. My work promoting organizations demonstrates my public outreach qualifications and ability to draw larger audiences through effective visual and textual rhetorical construction. Finally, my experience thoroughly researching, analyzing, and relaying information identifies my capacity to work through larger situations and pull out information relevant to my intended message. Furthermore, this helps me to shed light on specific aspects of large-scale contexts that readers would otherwise be unable to pinpoint on their own. 


 Through this portfolio, I have been able to pinpoint strong examples of my application of rhetorical knowledge.  I have advocated for change within Sigma Pi fraternity at Elon, effectively developing and presenting ideas on how to improve organizational communication. My work with clients, such as the American Studies Department, highlights not only my strong understanding of visual and textual rhetoric, but also my ability to collaborate and communicate with group members and clients to create an effective final product. I am able to accumulate qualitative data in the field and  combine this with at home quantitative research to create strong, in depth examinations of people, places, and events like those on my Highway 64 project.


I hope this portfolio can demonstrate my growth as a student and capability for success in the professional world. My coursework at Elon has stretched across multiple concentrations, giving me a well-rounded sense of who I am as a researcher and writer. This, along with my client experience, represents my abililty to adapt and write under varying conditions.


Hopefully, after reading through this portfolio, you will have a much stronger idea of who I am as a student, writer, and future professional. 


Thank you,


Will Stiefel

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.